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Sound Behavior Troupe Take A Swipe At Bay Area PC Culture In Latest Single

“East Bay Chubby Luv” harkens back to the social satire of Frank Zappa’s ‘Valley Girl’, against an energetic background of traditional rhythm and blues

While Trump’s anti-PC tweets and behavior have grabbed headlines and driven discussion around the water cooler, least we forget that political correctness in the San Francisco’s Bay Area can often be just as vexing. Local music production company Sound Behavior Troupe take a humorous jab at the PC Capital’s unique culture where individuals often self-select themselves into PC pre-defined identity categories.

“East Bay Chubby Luv” harkens back to the social satire of Frank Zappa’s ‘Valley Girl’, against an energetic background of traditional rhythm and blues. Written and composed by guitarist Paul Kelley, the track features such accomplished musicians as Jimmy Hobson on drums (Hall and Oates, Celine Dion, Billy Preston,…) and bassist Steve Evans (Elvin Bishop, Petula Clark, Roy Rogers with The Doors’ Ray Manzarek, Pat Travers).

“We create new music that is innovative and marketable, while being rebelliously challenging, that speaks more to liberation than cloning,” explained Paul Kelley. “Take the energy of early American roots rock and roll, add the complexity of fusion/classical/odd timings, but maintain soul and rhythm. That’s the Sound Behavior Troupe sound.”

About Real Value Productions
Real Value Productions is a San Francisco Bay Area music production company production company utilizing a revolving troupe of San Francisco Bay Area studio musicians. This collaborative ensemble has been creating new music for CD sales, mp3 downloads, licensing, and soundtracks for film projects, under the motto: “Where American roots music meets Beethoven and Bela Bartok, providing soundtracks for the next american economic renaissance.”
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New soundtrack from Real Value Productions looks back on the San Francisco or the 1970’s and 1980’s. All original music from Sound Behavior Troupe.

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San Francisco Bay Area Film Music Composer Neotonal – Neonatal

For years Karl Primbram has championed parallel processes of brain/mind. There are parallel processes over and beyond the higher brain centers themselves. All of our perennial philosophies, spiritual paths, religions, dreams and hopes, have sprung out of an intuitive knowing that these higher intelligences exist, that life is more than just an economic knee-jerk reflex, that we are not just glorified Skinner-box pigeons.

On the one hand we have divinized our potential, projecting who we are designed to be onto an abstracted cloud nine rather than fulfilling our evolutionary potential, and falling victim to the politics of that projection. On the other hand, and far more destructively, we have denied our evolutionary nature, grounding ourselves in the more primitive, physically bound modes of our brain/mind, and subjecting ourselves to the magician-priests who can best manipulate that physical realm.

Requiem For Keith Emerson


Keith Emerson died on 11 March 2016 in Santa Monica, California, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Following an autopsy, the medical examiner ruled Emerson’s death a suicide.




Sound Behavior Troupe “Sangre De Cristo” Soundtrack For Winter Trip To Taos


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