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Ego, Sex, Money And Power


East Bay Chubby Luv By Sound Behavior Troupe – San Francisco Bay Area Beatnik Music

FUNK THANG from Real Value Productions

NEW SOUNDTRACK FROM REAL VALUE PRODUCTIONS, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA MUSIC PRODUCTION COMPANY. Need a soundtrack for your independent film project? REAL VALUE PRODUCTIONS has seasoned bay area musicians, recording and production accommodations, digital sound libraries, and compositional expertise. We can handle all aspects of your soundtrack needs.

Take Me To Your Leaders

Sound Behavior Troupe spoofs the current state of the deep state in the latest music video from REAL VALUE PRODUCTION,  a San Francisco bay area music production company. With special guest appearances from Project Veritas, Judicial Watch, and LaRouchepac.



Neotonal – Neonatal

For years Karl Primbram has championed parallel processes of brain/mind. There are parallel processes over and beyond the higher brain centers themselves. All of our perennial philosophies, spiritual paths, religions, dreams and hopes, have sprung out of an intuitive knowing that these higher intelligences exist, that life is more than just an economic knee-jerk reflex, that we are not just glorified Skinner-box pigeons.

On the one hand we have divinized our potential, projecting who we are designed to be onto an abstracted cloud nine rather than fulfilling our evolutionary potential, and falling victim to the politics of that projection. On the other hand, and far more destructively, we have denied our evolutionary nature, grounding ourselves in the more primitive, physically bound modes of our brain/mind, and subjecting ourselves to the magician-priests who can best manipulate that physical realm.

Requiem For Keith Emerson


Keith Emerson died on 11 March 2016 in Santa Monica, California, of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Following an autopsy, the medical examiner ruled Emerson’s death a suicide.




Utopia Or Oblivion – The Movie: Will Humans Advance To The Next Stage Of Evolution Or Self Destruct Featuring Joseph Chilton Pearce and Paul Craig Roberts

Sound Behavior Troupe “Sangre De Cristo” Soundtrack For Winter Trip To Taos