SHAMAN by SOUND BEHAVIOR TROUPE pays tribute to the original indigenous inhabitants of the UNITED STATES. From REAL VALUE PRODUCTIONS

Paul Craig Roberts: Intentionally leaving voids in the security arrangements is a possibility given the ruling elite’s and the Democrats hostility toward and hate for Donald Trump. The CIA director called Trump a “traitor to America.” The FBI hates Trump and has been trying to destroy Trump and his supporters for the past 8 years. The Secret Service was complicit in the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, an indication that the Secret Service could be again roped into such a plot. The various calls for Trump’s assassination from Democrats and presstitutes such as CNN and their portrayal of Trump as a dictator could have succeeded in presenting Trump’s assassination as a good thing. Security experts point out that the FBI and CIA have long had the ability to lead an unthinking or unstable person into criminal action.

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